OCT 12, 2022  // Western Cats, Painter Style Tests, A Rainy Day in Cities

Looks like you folks ain’t from around here…

Midjourney Prompt 
a western saloon, Pixar style, tiny Cute and adorable cat [chubby] dressed in jeans, cowboy outfit, cowboy shirt, bandana, hat, baptiste monge, [eyes] Spot from The Good Dinosaur, anthropomorphic, dramatic lighting, 8k, portrait, realistic, fine details, photorealism, cinematic, intricate details, cinematic lighting, photorealistic 8K --ar 9:16 --testp

In the style of
Konstantin Makovsky / Ivan Kramskoi

Classical Style Paintings of a Rainy Day in Different Cities ︎ 


Adding observatories
to places that don’t have one

And finally for tonight, Space Shuttle, nasa, take-off, classical poster, Illustration, art print, painterly