OCT 11, 2022  //  More Borgs, Faces, Flowers

Midjourney Prompt
biomechanical cyborg with floral vines on skin, large peonies, filigree foliage, lace, design by  Herrera Butterfly, flowers, pink peonies, Embellished Silk, haute couture, art nouveau, fashion embroidered intricate details, cyborg roots
asian female
fractal mesh fine roots,
ultra realistic
super sharp features,
sharp focus, photorealistic
detailed face,
intricate details,
fine roots,

loads & loads
of versions

Below, rearranged and added/replaced the words: queen, soft,  in the style of  Oscar de la Renta embroidered floral, floral vines, large lily flowers, natural soft rim light, stunning photography, birds, butterflies, regal, dramatic, epic, hyperrealistic, concept art, cinematic, smooth, super sharp features, sharp focus, photorealistic, unreal engine, by wLOP --ar 2:3 --upbeta

I didn’t get very far with these, note the odd cartoon hands. 😂️

Started playing with some textures, but it’s time to go to bed.