OCT 10, 2022 // Betrayed by The Numbers

midjourney prompt:
(the base prompts I started with, and continued to tweak a lot from here) 

porcelain doll
slight smile,
golden, intricate
 hyper detailed,
insane details, 
elite, ornate,
elegant, luxury,
golden ratio,
environmental key art, octane render,
weta digital, ray trace
-- no hands
-- testp

Where it started:

Rearranging the order of words and/or calling up different artist styles in the prompts will yield different results. (This is where knowing your favorite artist styles come in super handy. Try a Mix and see what you get!)  keep playing and versioning, even the lighting and camera prompts and the order you place them will change the image completely. Haven’t taken any to Photoshop yet. just so much fun :D 

buy the ticket, take the ride