Hi, I’m Celeste.
Multidisciplinary Designer and Street Photographer. 


As a young designer and print production artist, I idolized my art directors at GreyLA, and shed many tears when they berated me on my kerning. But I learned. I once cut my fingers with an x-acto blade while cutting and mounting an important comp. I bled all over the print and made it worse when I oversprayed the Super77, but we won the account.


I art-directed for lifestlye, on-figure, and tabletop product shoots. Those were the days when budgets were big and the lunch spreads were fantastic.

I designed ads, marketing collateral, and multi-page print catalogs for retailers that were once delivered to many mailboxes across the USA.

I created designs for flash sites (!) until folks caught up with the security bugs, hard to read text, plus a long list of other issues. It was fun experimenting in the wild west web for a while. 

While working as a web designer for the NFL, I got to be on the field and tasked to shoot the game with the super-buttery 😎️ Nikon 600mm Ultra Zoom for Super Bowl XLVII. The San Francisco 49ers lost their first Super Bowl in franchise history that night, defeated 34-31 by the Baltimore Ravens.

I like design in all forms, I’ve become a rock star project manager through the years, my eyes are often peeled for emerging trends, and I am always, always learning. Staying innovative in my craft and having full command of my tools is a priority. 

Some of my photos are available as stock over at getty ︎︎︎

Feel free to get in touch: celestoid@gmail.com