DEC 11, 2022  // Artistic directors and guests piling in! 

Did you opt for the musical tonight? Our Artistic Directors have prepared such a great show. Have fun!

LOLOLOL 😂️😂️😂️ 555

Do make sure you get to your seat on time.⚠️️
If you’re height gifted, please be considerate of others and sit at the back—the acoustics from there are oh-so-nice! 🎺️

 Good night ✨️

NON-AI related feel free to skip unless you follow the S&P or your name is Emily ✨️
Marking the time, End of Year December 2022:: something concerning for the next few weeks and perhaps past this year’s end? Regarding /es, this is the WEEKLY chart and we can see how it’s moved every week since January.
The whole year in one picture, and she’s not so good looking.  That fail at the main channel resistance is ugly. The fail at daily support line, also ugly. LOL my notes are generally for the daily (sometimes the 4h) but it’s always good to ZOOM TF OUT and look at the big picture! Maybe it ends up building a flag, and we’ll be out of the channel by early 2023...that’s me the optimist. My opinions are strong but I act based on patterns and movement.
On disciplined days, that is. 😒️😅️
Who knows. I’ll be watching.
Careful out there. 🖖️
S&P 500 weekly