NOV 23, 2022  // Forest Nymphs, Wires and  Winged Insects 

Women from the Forest of Ærukidt, just South of Ærukstungan

Who you’ll meet depends on the paths you chose along the way.

Try not to disturb the foliage. The consequences of harming something is torture in ways humans can not enjoy.


stunning female artificial human, (self-realization, self-reflection) from the garden of eden, live moss, winged insects stems, embroidered, roots, fine foliage, ornate jewelry, detailed facial render, centered, fantasy, high resolution, neutral background, beautiful natural soft rim light, (specify color and another color details)intricate details, aelegant, hyper realistic, 8k post-production, cinematic --v 4 --q 2 --c 60
+ Reroll Vroll Suicide Queen

Good night 🌙️