NOV 09, 2022  // Paper Craft + Color Tests

Bang Zoom! To the Moon!

As with most beginnings in Midjourney, this session started simple enough. Paper art, paper sculpture. And just around the corner, will be the want and need to push it just a little further. Make it 3d, shiny, scratch that, make it matte! Never mind...go back, just shift the colors, remix with this or that...

There’s also the moments where I want to abandon an idea because I know I’ve already spent way too much processing power on my current obsession.😬️😅️

This one was a lot of fun, the paper craft style has so many possibilities. 

prompt: an astronaut holding a lamp, oh such sweet daisies, Isometric diorama, (red and pink vary colors at remix)  paper cut craft, paper illustration, ethereal, ornate, 3d paper sculpture,  detailed and refined, origami, waves, cloud vray, plastic-fantastic, a good day, rendered in octane, volumetric lighting

They’ve brought back versioning, and I’ve had a huge grin about it. I’ve been going back to use v3 lately, probably because v3 made me feel like a wizard 😂️, but I know...v4 just gives everything that extra jazz that you simply can’t get with test or testp. 

The thing you always need the extra jazz? I’ve been trying to put  negative weights on ‘the jazz’ when using v4,  but not all the way certain if it works. I’ll note it here when I have more examples. 

Make your own!

(what you want to see)+
paper cut craft, paper illustration, ornate, 3d paper sculpture

Good night ✨️