NOV 05, 2022  // Midjourney v4 and Potion Carriers

V4, Ooooh You So New & Shiny

You really gonna do me like this on the first roll?

Welcome to Beuregard’s
Rare Spirits Emporium

Come inside, have a look, enjoy yourselves!

It helps to have your favorite ideas, prompts renders on tap. I see a google sheet in the works 😅️ 

a luxury (liquor specify) bottle in space, (insert 1 or more artist inspiration if you want here) shiny, luxury, filigree roots, (fruits here)  (flowers here) special, vray

+/- whimsical, playful, dark, ominous, towering.

What a cool update. It changes a lot of things, and I know it was just released last night and loads will change in the next coming days, but what a game changer. I’ve got a lot to dig into. Seems I almost have to work backwards to get things to be less shiny. Have made some attempts at photorealistic photos but for some reason the Remaster button is gone and I’m hoping that is not a permanent thing. v4 doesn’t seem to play well with a lot of what is allowed with the default v3, but it’s a known thing and mj has stated this was all experimental.  What a good time though. 

(Custom ratios, same seed, versions, tile does not work with remix either which I miss the Most! I’m sure there’s a workaround I just haven’t figured out, so I’ll be lurking/asking around in the forums and note what I find.)

I do love this community though. I’ve been going through the names and AI created images of the people listed on Jon Porter’s Top 100 List of AI Creators and Innovators on Linkedin and while I’m not even halfway throught the list yet, what I’ve seen so far is incredible. People are making some really cool stuff, and there’s something pretty special about the whole thing. 

What a time.  Let’s Gooooo!

Night night 🌙️