NOV 03, 2022  // Wallpaper for Days, and Lemon Fever

Tiles, Seamless Tiles 

Of Course Cowboys  🤠

I really like patterns (my other hobby is looking for them) and usually use Illustrator to craft some. But with AI, it is a whole new nectar and I’m so stoked for the possibilities.  I didn’t go too far on renders on these, I was more interested on how well it tiled. I took the upscaled images to photoshop and defined it as a pattern to test the seams, and aside for some odd ones that just didn’t line up cleanly, the majority were seamless.  (pfff easy fix too if one so wanted to take the time)🤯️😍️   
Let’s Ggggo!

To make your own on midjourney: (define what you want to see) --tile
--tile will try to make your image seamless when stitched together. 

My experiments:

Lemon Party

+ other mishaps & abominations

Really nice guides over at MJ but Hat Tip to guide Marigoldguide for helping clear my cue more than once 😬️ 🙏️ and answering questions for the community. Marigoldguide has a way more comprehensive and detailed visual guide, visit it ︎︎︎ HERE.

Also es found support today after yesterday’s meltdown, and Joji’s Album Smithereens was released tonight.  I am with the camp that thinks it is worth the two year wait. All twenty-four minutes of it.    ︎︎︎ JOJI SMITHEREENS

Good night 🌙️