OCT 31, 2022  // Cyberpunk Egyptian Traders and The Rigged Scale

You Tried to Trick Us

You’ve Got a Lot of Nerve 

Flash that buttery gold
Jittery, zeitgeist

Remix +/- Emotions
(stunned, shocked, angered, triggered, abrupt)

Protect at all cost!

spider in a spaceship, (Yoshitaka Amano + Center + Mad Max Fury Road) 2 :: glass portal spider, perfect symmetry, dynamic, intricate, high details, 0.7 silk, luxury, special, vray


Same prompts as portraits above but with (Battle pose) cyberpunk egyptian female warrior, gold necklace (battle pose) intricate, high details, 4k, octane render, beautiful, portal 2 :: dim future, weta digital, ray trace (remix emotions)

I tried to change the aspect ratio after the fact and it just kept stretching her! ︎duh.

I am happy to be learning loads about shading & rendering techniques--most foreign to me until now.  It’s still fun without, but kind of important to learn how to describe them as I try to get the machines to do as I imagine!

The old favorite song that inspired this series

None Shall Pass, Aesop Rock

Good night 🌚️