OCT 25, 2022  // Collection of Oddities and Halloween Horror Girls Part I

Oh The Webs We’ll Weave

This exercise took a bit—strike that—a lot of patience but I learned a lot tonight! 

I read somewhere that for as long as we’ve been feeding the machines information and data, there is no actual way of telling what they have actually learned. What a (insert adjective)  thought. 

Main Prompt: A collection of oddities, moths, strange butterflies, surreal, victorian flowers, peonies, floral vines, flora, fauna, white gold pore fungi, shiny reflective crystal diamond orb, filigree foliage, lace, charcoal and gold leaf, interweave, octane render

Started  with Giger as an art reference, then with Remix > eventually  replaced with several efforts of influence  between Wes Anderson, Caravaggio, and LaChapelle. From there, I continued to generate with just v3s and ReMix +/- word prompts (delicate, white, pink, luminescent, creamy smooth, tiny pink details,  fluid, interlace, weave, Wlop).

I didn’t add any mj modifiers (--testp, --creative) until the end. I find—at least for my style, that doing it this way, I was getting  a bit  more control and the outputs were more predictable. I add the extra sauce way later in the process. 

Yeah. Tough to explain really. Just keep playing until you find something you really like. Until tonight, I didn’t realize I could remove a previous prompt influence after it has done its job, and let it take on a whole new life with new prompts. Fun stuff! 
In the beginning 

I so enjoyed directing and then watching them bloom into life. 

With Halloween just around the corner…

These girls look like they may have some moths, possibly an emporium of other oddities neatly tucked in silk, inside a carved wooden box. Under their pillows. 😬️🚩️

Good night ✨️