OCT 23, 2022  // Photographic Portraits with AI & Whimsical Wind Downs

Hey So Mister, May I Take Your Photo?

That was my line.  Forever.

And as of late, it’s been


A close-up portrait photograph of an old [chinese/vietnamese/try your own] man with a beard, wearing traditional attire, [chinese, china--replace here], 1900s, cinematic, shot on IMAX 70mm, high contrast, HDR, intricate details, extremely realistic, accurate proportions, high-resolution DSLR photograph

Maybe a bit too much HDR for my own taste but gosh—as a street photographer, good luck getting lighting like these in a real life situation. It’s just not fair.  I’d still be fidgeting with settings. Definitely will continue to play around. I miss traveling, so I’m choosing to write prompts to create photos of people from places that I’ve visited. Below: A girl from the Karen Tribe of Thailand, A girl from Romania, A girl from Myanmar. All three with IMAX 70mm. As if.

Switched cameras 

(rainy image prompt) + A Vietnamese woman in the rain, Close-up portrait, raining, Photo Real, Cinematic Lighting, cinematic color grading,  Bokeh blur, Sony Alpha α7, Character design, Octane render

Morocco, Philippines, Malaysia

Ok enough reality for one day!

✨️  Time for fun nonsense experiments. My Favorite Kind!

Good night 🌒