OCT 20, 2022  // Anthropomorphic Ocean Chameleon

Slow Dancing in the Dark

How it began

(underwater image prompt) + Anthropomorphic Ocean Chameleon, by (try a mix of your favorite artist and another artist), translucent, underwater paradise, nirvana, deep ocean, mysterious, (pink) fish, tiny creatures, surreal, photoreal, beautiful lighting, Hyperrealistic --ar 16:9 --test

Remix after locking in a composition, and added/played with the words...chamelion INSIDE a diamond, orb, globe. 

I’m loving the new midjourney remix mode. With Remix, you can essentially build on old prompts. It is allowing you to add/subtract to the existing version before creating a new one.  I’ll come up with a proper write-up after I play with it more, but so far I found it’s best to get a composition you really like locked in first- before remixing. HA!! As if there should be any sort of rules. I say go for Gold.

Remix can be toggled on and off with prompt: /settings

Other random thoughts: I am so excited for JOJI’s New Album SMITHEREENS, coming out on November 4. It’s been 2 years! I’ve learned to play a bit of one of the songs—Glimpse of Us on the piano thanks to the internet and the Amazing Josh Lange. I can’t wait to hear the rest. Go Jojerrrrr! 

Goodnight ✨️