OCT 14, 2022  // Monkey Love and Sandwiches

Monkey Love!...

Monkeying around

Too much war scenes yesterday so tonight, I felt some romance and sweet syrupy image vibes might be right. Here’s some monkey love!  I uploaded a photo to midjourney for reference. Took the colors, but this time not the styles. I’m not sure I spent enough time with it but I’m already out fast tokens!😱️   I’ve used up the allotted gpu usage and my account at Midjourney is now on the restricted “relax” mode. It really isn’t too bad to wait a bit longer, but after getting used to the fast, the relax mode can cause a twitch or two.  A cousin of crack. 

PrimeMate TV
S21 Finale! 

Who will She Choose? 🌹️

I used the same image prompt for these sandwiches as the monkeys above. in this instance, the color palette matching gets better as you teach the AI what you like by regenerating chosen versions. A young experiment by a novice, but I don’t believe it’s random. 

It’s Really