Having lots of fun while learning how to write effective prompts for AI.

From what I’ve seen, the beautiful and stunning chaos one can create with artificial intelligence is mental! Over at Midjourney, I have seen creations from the imaginations of mad prompt-scientists that inspire and blow my mind over and over. I’m here for all of it.

The images below are the ones I made my first week...my notebook is already full of notes, gathering my favorites and I plan to share prompts and other tricks freely soon! 

Crafting Prompts for AI Art —

The options, sources, styles and scenes a person can create are limitless. The conversations around AI art and Traditional art will only get louder as time goes by but for now, I’m of the opinion that it’s yet just another tool for us humans to be able to express ourselves. But it’s early. Some of my friends who are legit painter/artists and count on their craft to make a living are of course a bit nervous of where this will go, but it seems most people with an imagination are excited about all the possibilities.

I’m going to continue to experiment,  what I have learned is that it takes a bit of time to get it right. It’s also EXTREMELY addicting, so good luck. From taking on the challenge of  writing prompts that the machines could understand, the commands to call up various art techniques, era, renders styles, the size ratios, lighting + countless more variables. I’m so geeked on this I think everyone of any age, calling, occupation would benefit giving it a try.  Being able to verbalize prompts of what is in our brains--real or imagined, has been a fun exercise for me and I’m hooked!

Atmospheric environments? products within the environment?
Mood it up, Lets go! 

#octane render, #moody, #atmospheric

I’m currently exploring and playing with as many styles to see what is possible. But of course I find myself going back to play with my favorite themes and colors...

Things can get really weird, at last.

This was the beginning of my experiments.

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